Types of Assessments

Educational Assessments-Testing designed to address education-related issues, including learning problems (reading, math, and writing), ADHD (and other executive functioning problems), intellectual disability, and Autism-Spectrum Disorders. Testing helps to identify diagnosis, provide recommendations, including school placement, educational plans (IEPs and 504 Plans), and accommodations (if appropriate for SAT/ACT).

Psychological Assessments-Testing designed to identify diagnosable disorders of cognition, academic and emotional disorders.

Neuropsychological Assessments-Testing designed to identify issues surrounding neurological and cognitive development including learning, intellectual, memory and language-based disorders; ADHD; and, Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Admissions Testing-Testing (Typically WPPSI, WISC or Woodcock-Johnson) in order to gain admissions into independent school or public school placement (Gifted and Talented Programs).