Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know when it is time to secure an assessment of my child?

     It is often difficult to tell so please call and let us help you in the decision-making process. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is your child struggling with grade-level school work?
  • Are your child’s teacher or school administrators indicating they see problems or suggesting an assessment?
  • Are focus and inattention causing your child to perform below expectations?
  • Is your child working hard but still receiving lower grades?
  • Does your child complete his work but fail to turn it in?
  • Has your child reached a level in school in which the work has suddenly become very difficult?
  • Does your child have trouble making sense of reading materials?
  • Does your child have difficulty starting, finishing or organizing school projects?
  • Is sitting still, staying on task and completing homework challenging?
  • Is there a loss of enjoyment of day-to-day activities?
  • Are there big changes in moods, grades and friendships?
  •      If your answer to any of these questions is affirmative, an assessment may be warranted. These are typical referral questions that McGhee &      Associates encounter in neuropsychological, cognitive, pscyho-educational and emotional testing. We have years of experience helping parents      and children identify the barriers to optimal academic/social functioning.

    2. Who performs my assessment?

         At McGhee and Associates, testing is personalized and tailored, and performed only by psychologists.

    3. We have testing and a testing report for our child, now what?

         We distinguish ourselves at McGhee & Associates by helping you to implement your plan, including working with schools, teachers,      administrators, psychiatrists and therapists.