Representation of Children in Educational Settings-Comprehensive services provided in order to effectuate optimal solutions for children in various school settings. This includes the negotiation of individual education plans for special education services. Also, we meet with school teachers and other officials to ascertain and meet the educational, social and emotional needs of children. Frequently, McGhee and Associates provide school observation services included in the assessment of a child. In addition, we will consult with parents/children on the appropriate school placement.

Parent Guidance-McGhee and Associates will work with parents on a variety of parenting issues associated with adoption, divorce and major illness/death of family members. Work with members of the family unit to aid in the understanding of a child’s functioning. Also, help parents in understanding and managing a variety of behaviors exhibited by children. Examples of such parent guidance are appropriate limit setting, establishing and maintaining routines/schedules; and school/home organization of academic work. Assist parents in implementing recommendations from assessment reports.


Consultative services offered by McGhee and Associates are primarily in the educational and parenting area. Specific services provided to various entities are as follows:

Educational Placement-Work with children and families to help find the right school. This involves extensive work with family to identify needs and tailor support. Included in these services is crisis management and transition services when necessary.

Schools and Corporations-Consulting with schools on the mental health functioning of individual students. Facilitate the development of school policy. Provide programs for enhancing student well-being, parenting for success, executive functioning, and stress management. Services also include diversity services, including the development of diversity programs and the facilitation of conflict resolution on diversity-related issues.