Child Therapy

One of the specialties of McGhee & Associates is our therapeutic work with children and adolescents. We recognize that children face significant and unprecedented challenges in today’s fast-paced and competitive world.

We work with children and teenagers who are struggling to make sense of their world. Reducing anxiety, depression and other acutes stressors are frequently the treatment focus. This includes working with teenagers and young adults that are struggling to complete high school and college.

Areas that frequently require treatment are divorce, adoption and identity and self- esteem concerns. Moreover, educational stressors are often present in children and teenagers and we specialize in working with children who are stressed academically and those who suffer from learning challenges and ADHD.

Our practice also recognizes that working with children means that we have to work collaboratively with their parents. Therefore, we often work closely with the parents in order to help them navigate the issues and concerns of their children. We also work with schools, psychiatrists and other professionals connected with ensuring the success of children.